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Campustown Action Assocation - Making Campustown Shine!

About Us

Our Purpose

Since 2010, the Campustown Action Association has worked to make Campustown a destination district for the entire Ames community. Our organization seeks to create a vibrant Campustown District that blends new development with old traditions and where everyone is welcome. We recognize the role Campustown plays as the primary commercial district serving Iowa State University and we are committed to meeting the needs of those who spend time here.

The Campustown Action Association strives for visionary leadership, a broad base of volunteers and a reputation for integrity and accountability. We are advocates for the neighborhood and work to support and promote our existing businesses, as well as maintain and develop partnerships to improve quality of life throughout our community. We want you to love Campustown as much as we do!

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Our Team of Passionate

Board Members

The Campustown Action Association (CAA) is made up of Ames and ISU community members who seek to improve and promote all that is Campustown. We are passionate about the students, the residents, the businesses, the culture, and the overall atmosphere that makes Campustown such a unique and energetic place. We are business owners, active community members, students, faculty, property owners, and just people who love the area.

CAA serves as a catalyst for private and public partnerships in Ames Campustown area and works with the City of Ames and Iowa State University to foster economic, cultural, aesthetic, and social progress to ensure that Campustown is a place that will inspire a sense of pride in everyone.

Campustown Action Association is an affiliate of the Ames Chamber of Commerce

Karin Chitty Headshot

Karin Chitty

Executive Director

Xena Jolly Headshot

Xena Jolly


Anne Taylor Headshot

Anne Taylor

President Elect

Sara Lefeber Headshot

Sara Lefeber

At-Large Representative

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Ryan Jeffrey

Business Improvement Chair

Kelsey Bolte-Carper Headshot

Kelsey Bolte-Carper

Community Outreach Chair

Amy Howard Headshot

Amy Howard

Ames Chamber Representative

Julie Gould Headshot

Julie Gould

City of Ames Representative

Jen Hibben Headshot

Jen Hibben

Community Representative

Mike Adams Headshot

Mike Adams

Promotions Chair

Liv Hall Headshot

Liv Hall

ISU Student Representative