Sidewalk Cafés

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Sidewalk Café Permits

A sidewalk cafe is any group of tables and/or chairs, and its authorized decorative and accessory devices, situated and maintained upon the public sidewalk for use in connection with ordering, purchasing and consuming food and beverages sold to the public from, or in, an adjoining indoor restaurant. For these purposes, an indoor business selling food for consumption on the premises shall be considered an adjoining indoor restaurant.

A sidewalk cafe shall be permitted only where the sidewalk is wide enough to adequately accommodate both the usual pedestrian traffic in the area and the operation of the proposed cafe. A sidewalk cafe shall not occupy more than 50 percent of the sidewalk’s width at any point as measured from the curb, or measured from the street-side edge of any semi-permanent seating structure installed in an on-street parking space. There shall be a minimum of four (4) feet of sidewalk width clear of obstructions. No part of the sidewalk café or its accessory elements shall obstruct any entrance to or exit from any adjacent structure. No sidewalk café shall be situated within eight (8) feet of any designated bus stop, or within twenty (20) feet of a street intersection, or within eight (8) feet of a fire hydrant or fire sprinkler post indicator valve.

All outdoor dining furniture, including tables, chairs, umbrellas, barriers, and authorized accessory items, shall be readily movable. “Readily movable” shall mean that no object as stated above, which is part of the sidewalk cafe, shall be leaded, cemented, nailed, bolted, power riveted, screwed-in or affixed, even in a temporary manner, to either the sidewalk on which the sidewalk cafe is placed, to the building, or to any other structure which the sidewalk cafe abuts. Umbrellas must be secured with a minimum base of not less than 60 pounds.

A Certificate of Insurance naming the City of Ames as an additional insured with comprehensive general liability limits in the amount of $500,000 combined single limit shall be in full force and effect during the life of the permit. A copy of the current insurance certificate shall be maintained on file with the City Clerk. The Sidewalk Café Permit application fee is $35 per season.

Please read Section 22.32 of the City of Ames Municipal Code before completing the application.

Cafe Beaudelaire sidewalk Cafe