Sandwich Boards

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Sandwich Board Signs

Temporary Sidewalk signs, also known as “Sandwich Board” signs, are allowed in the Campustown Service Center (CSC) District in the City of Ames. Information about temporary sidewalk signs may be found in Section 21.134 of the Municipal Code.

The application and supplemental materials may be submitted to the City Clerk’s Office.

A Certificate of Insurance naming the City of Ames as an additional insured with comprehensive general liability limits in the amount of $500,000 combined single limit shall be in full force and effect during the life of the permit. A copy of the current insurance certificate shall be maintained on file with the City Clerk. The application fee is $35 per season.

Please read Section 21.134 of the City of Ames Municipal Code before completing the application.

Blank Indemnification Agreement
Sandwich Board Sign on sidewalk