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Façade Grant

The Campustown Façade Grant program is designed to encourage investment in Campustown properties, while maintaining the diverse aesthetic the district is known for. Program goals include creating a vibrant, walkable Campustown, increasing safety and security in the district and improving the recognition and identity of our businesses.

The Campustown Façade Grant program is run by the City of Ames and currently provides the following incentives:

  • Grants up to $15,000 in funds matching an equal amount invested by applicant
  • Up to $2,000 for professional design fees for projects awarded a grant

Property or business owners interested in enhancing the appearance of street-facing facades of commercial buildings within the district boundaries are encouraged to apply. Applications must incorporate one or more of the design concepts shown below.

  • Transparent Campustown.  Increase transparency and access at the ground level to blend public and private spaces.
  • Social Campustown.  Improve outdoor spaces that welcome public access with well lit, park-like gathering spaces.
  • Diverse Campustown.  Create a more eclectic environment with vibrant, interesting design elements and integrated art.
  • Identifiable Campustown.  Improve the identity and recognition of businesses with design elements that express the business brand identity or with distinct features that work cohesively within the greater context of Campustown.
  • Historic Campustown.  Restore or preserve historic character of buildings that contribute to the historic character of the district
View the Campustown Façade Grant Improvement Idea Book
View the Campustown Façade Grant Application Packet


  • The application form and required project documents should be returned to the City of Ames Planning Department, located at Ames City Hall, 515 Clark Avenue, Room 214
  • For questions on the program or application requirements, please contact Julie Gould, Planning and Housing Department, at 515-239-5400, or by email at


Arcadia Before and After


Clocktower Before and After

Cranford Building

Cranford Building Before and After

West Street Deli

West Street Deli Before and After