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Business Strategy

Campustown serves as the primary commercial district serving Iowa State University. A growing number of students are choosing to live in Campustown due to its close proximity to the Iowa State University campus. ISU faculty and staff find Campustown a convenient daily lunch destination. Ames residents come to Campustown to work, eat, shop or play. Our goal is to create a vibrant district that is a destination providing a broad array of options to Ames and surrounding communities that cannot be found anywhere else.

There have been many changes to Campustown over the last 10 years. There are still more to come. CAA fosters an appreciation for the traditions associated with the history of Campustown, while also supporting redevelopment within the district. We are looking for like-minded individuals who can bring in new retail that compliments the existing businesses, provide services not currently offered or add to the vibrant atmosphere of the district.

Results from our latest survey show these are the most desired businesses:

Live Music Venue

Grocery Store

Pet Supplies and Services

Specialty Retail or Boutique

Medical/Mental Health Services

Business Catering to Students

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You can also view the current Campustown Business Recruitment Flier. (still in process but should be done soon)